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Not necessarily. While you would certainly want to have documentation (many photos, samples of the “save the date” card and wedding invitation, etc.) if you did have a large wedding ceremony and reception, there is no requirement that the event be large or that a full album with hundreds of pictures be presented. It can certainly be helpful evidence, but isn’t required evidence.

However, there should be at least a few photos of whatever wedding was conducted (even if a small civil ceremony with just the couple and witnesses). These should be accompanied by a far greater number of photos spanning the entire course of the relationship – from early on up to immediately before the final interview – and other documentation of the bona fide [real] nature of the relationship.

Absolutely. The same advice as above applies with regard to documenting the smaller, earlier, legal wedding. But there’s nothing wrong with informing an interviewing officer that a later, larger reception is planned for family members and documenting plans (contracts with a reception hall, caterer and other vendors, invitations, etc.)