About Us

Who and Why

Mr. Reich (a 10.0 out of 10 "Superb" rated attorney on Avvo.com) founded The Law Offices of Stuart J. Reich in 2003. His goal was and is to serve the needs of the professional foreign national community and of small and medium-size U.S. employers who require highly qualified foreign national talent to remain competitive and innovative.

We understand the mission-critical nature of the immigration process as well as the confusion caused by its complex nature - so our philosophy is to get the work done quickly and competently while making sure our clients have the information they need to feel at peace with the process and make informed decisions.

In creating the firm, Mr. Reich combines an extensive background working with all types of clients (at immigration law firms both large and small) with his natural fascination with technology and the sciences. This enables him to present the importance of his clients' presence to the U.S. in uniquely clear and convincing ways, and leads to an exceptionally high rate of approvals.

The Practice

Our practice is 100% devoted to immigration and nationality law. This allows us to focus all of our energy on remaining up to date with the most recent advances in this highly specialized field of law, and on gaining the intense real-world experience with current practice and procedure at the various government agencies involved which only exclusive immigration practice can provide.


While we provide services to individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence through employment sponsorship or family sponsorship - and assist in employment-based cases across industries - our single greatest strength is in assisting individuals with employment-based cases for jobs in the science and technology fields.
We handle non-immigrant visa petitions of all types and can advise on the most appropriate and quickest method of bringing an individual to the U.S. (or keeping someone in the U.S.) Similarly, we provide complete services with regard to permanent residence - from advice on the best way to go forward to total start-to-finish processing of the case.

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