Ukraine Designated for Temporary Protected Status

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has designed Ukraine for TPS – Temporary Protected Status for an 18-month period.

TPS protects those already present in the US from removal to a country where return would subject the individual to danger on account of armed conflict, a natural or environmental disaster, or other extraordinary condition in that country.  The Secretary of DHS is empowered to make such designations.  These designations are for limited period, but often will be renewed periodically where country conditions haven’t significantly improved.  This allows eligible individuals to remain in the US, often for extended periods.  An individual granted TPS can obtain an employment authorization to work while present in the US.

The TPS designation only protects those already present in the US – arrival in the US after the date of the designation makes an individual ineligible.  Here, Ukrainian citizens or nationals must have been present in the US before March 1 to be eligible, and must continuously reside in the US from that date to maintain eligibility.