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In spring of 2013, Customs and Border Protection stopped issuing paper I-94s in most cases (refugees and asylees still get them). Now, people legally admitted to the US receive only a rubber stamp in their passport, but I-94s are still recorded electronically. An individual who has been admitted to the US can retrieve their I-94 and print it out from an online system by going here and entering the requested information. The information is only available until that person departs the US (similar to the way paper I-94 cards were collected upon departure). It is strongly recommended that everyone entering the US retrieve and keep a copy of their electronic I-94 after each entry, while they are still here in the US.

: We expect the system to improve over time, and for “Not Found” messages to happen less frequently. This doesn’t help right now, of course, if you are having trouble retrieving your I-94 from the system. The first thing to try is entering variations on your name. Although the system is supposed to reflect your name exactly as on your visa stamp or other relevant paperwork, a multi-part last name may have been entered as only the final name, with the first part included as a middle or first name. Other variations are possible as well. Hyphens can also confuse the system. If you still can’t locate your record after trying several variations on your name, you will need to contact the Customs and Border Enforcement site at the port of entry where you last came into the US. A spreadsheet of Deferred Inspection office contact details is available here (Excel document). Explain that you cannot locate your record in the online system and would like to be able to retrieve a copy. You will need to have your passport handy, as the Passport Number on the biographic page will be required as well as the date and place of entry. You should if possible have your carrier (flight, ship, train, bus, etc.) information close at hand as well, including name of carrier, individual number (flight number, train number, etc.) and date/time of arrival.