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When you tell us you wish to move forward, we prepare and send a “Case Initiation Package” and send this to you – most often both by e-mail and in hard copy. This contains our cover letter with listings of what we need in terms of information and documentation, multiple copies of an Attorney/Client Agreement spelling out the scope of our representation (what is “included”/what matter this covers) as well as legal fees and when they are due, and Questionnaires to be completed by all parties (to gather the information we need to properly complete the forms). When we receive the requested material back (including the retainer portion of the fee), we get started!

It depends on the item that’s missing. We’ll always need completed versions of the Questionnaires we’ve sent to prepare the basic paperwork. We’ll also need immigration documents: I-94s, visa stamps and passport information pages. We may need other documents to proceed depending on the type of case; it’s best to ask us on specific materials. As discussed in our Attorney/Client Agreement, representation doesn’t begin (we don’t become your attorney) until the retainer portion of the legal fee specified in the Attorney/Client Agreement is received.